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Pavilion Tangalle 

Staple diet of Sri Lanka is 'Rice and curry' the word 'curry' convering a multitude of dishes which are made according to different methods of cooking from Soups, meat, Sea food, Lentils, Vegetables, Sambols, Mallums, Phies to Achcharus

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While the Pavilion and Cafe has a light and airy dining area, you may head outside and gaze at the views of the gardens and pool. The restaurant serves breakfast, day meals and dinner by friendly staff Fresh catch of the day are brought ashore by local fishermen to Palm Paradise beach and handed over to our chefs who transform them to delectable seafood creations

Sri Lanka naturally...

Local fresh cuisine
for everyone

The weather's warm. The sun is shining. You want to be outside by the pool. No matter how much you're enjoying basking in the sun or partying it up at pool side Pavilion, you still have to take some time out to eat or maybe you aren't partying at the pool but you just like to dine al fresco with a view of sparkling water. Hey, it's the desert .you like to look at water whenever we can

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 "Food is as much about the moment, the occasion, the location and the company as it is about the taste.”

catch of the day...

enjoy your meal !

Food for us comes from our relatives whether they have wings or fins or roots.That is how we consider food.Food has a culture.It has a history.

It has a story.It has relationships.

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